Inheritance and bequeathing
in Austria

Lawyers for inheritance law in Austria? You have come to the right place.

The last will should not only be written, it should also become reality. That spurs us on, that motivates us to give our best.

The Inheritance Law ABC was then only a logical consequence. No legal error should thwart your plans.

Call or write to us without obligation. We will listen and tell you if we can help.

Before any costs are incurred, we explicitly point this out to you.

Who we are?

We are Your law firm for inheritance matters in Austria.

Inheritance law is our passion. And this, you will feel.

We are Schneider & Schneider, lawyers at Stephansplatz in the heart of Vienna. As lawyers specialising in inheritance law, we represent clients in probate proceedings throughout Austria. However, we are even more pleased to avoid disputes from the outset. Therefore, we advise in advance on the drafting of wills and estate planning (testamentary dispositions, waivers of compulsory portions, gift agreements, etc.).

Inheritance Law ABC?

The Inheritance Law ABC is this website here with all the information it offers you. The Inheritance Law ABC is intended to help you to understand the main features of inheritance law in Austria, even without a lawyer. You should be able to find out for yourself. No legal error should frustrate your plans.

We clarify, bring light into the darkness and answer numerous questions that clients have asked us in the course of many years of practice:

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What this Inheritance Law ABC cannot do?

Advise you carefully and prudently. Helping your last will and testament to come to fruition. Ensure that your ancestor’s last will and testament becomes reality, if necessary with the help of the courts. Enforce your compulsory portion.Take your personal interests into account. Consider all facets of your specific case.

Only your lawyer specialised in inheritance law can do all this. Call us or e-mail us.

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